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Have you tried out an fm transmitter lately?






I ran out the other day to Best Buy when my wife wanted one for her car.






She wanted to listen to her iPod and her car was a little older so it didn’t have a straight in-line like the newer cars.






So I ran in and grabbed the first one I saw off the shelf.



She was thrilled when I got home and proudly displayed it.



And I seemed to fall into her good graces until she came home that night.



Sadly it had stopped working. 

So off I trudged back to Best Buy to see if I could exchange it for something else.



Luckily they had a few selections and I opted for one that cost around $18, which was twice the cost of the original one I purchased. 

So I gave that one to my wife.






Much to my dismay she called me up when she got to work and said it worked, but there was a little static.






When she came home I spent at least and hour out in the garage trying to tinker with it and to no avail...I couldn’t get the darn thing to work.






Since my wife was now upset with me, I decided to go ahead and invest some time and take a look at what’s available online.






Amazingly I came across several which are not found in Best Buy or ABC Warehouse.






And not only do they broadcast a long way, the sound is like the original source.






So I bought this fm transmitter and even though I had to shell out a few extra bucks. It works like magic.






Keep in mind when you are shopping for electronics, cheaper usually doesn’t relate to quality.