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You're in for a treat today as I'll  clear up the mystery surrounding Christmas lights displays and show you how you can put on your own display.

It doesn't matter if it's a Christmas light display or a holiday display. You will need several components to pull it off and amazing show.

And you just don't want to pull off an average display. You want to shock and awe your visitors and neighbors.

Here's how you can accomplish a grand scheme which will be talks about for years. In fact, some light displays have received over 10 million views. Imagine it, 10 million!

You should plan your music strategically. There are always the stand by options which  have been rehashed over and over or you can  get creative and splice a few songs together to rock your neighborhood. Multiple songs also allow you to develop a better holiday lights show.


You'll need a FM transmitter to broadcast the musical selection to your fan base as the crawl by your house in their cars. Without an FM transmitter you have no show!

Once you have that all set up, then you'll need to get the lights, your light controller and switch board channels set up.

And of course the planning which might be the hardest part and scheming out the display.

Once you have the lights chosen and the design mapped'll need to get set up with a lights controller.

The lights controller is how the music will sync to the beats of the lights and off course you will need the switches to control the channels.

It's really not that hard to set up, the lights should all have their own channels so the music and lights displays pulsates to the beats properly.

As more and more people strive for amazing...the more they will push the technological advance of this cult.

And it's a cult, some people love lights displays and some folks are down right perturbed by them.